Kapha Dosha in detail:
Kapha is the binding or glue energy. Kapha keeps things together in the universe. It is a combination of Earth and Water and is therefore heavy, and provides strength and stability.
Qualities of Kapha
Kapha is solid, stable, heavy, slow, soft, oily and cold. Possessing the qualities of Earth and Water, Kapha is what keeps us grounded and keeps our bodily organs and tissues together. Kapha individuals have a strong build and enjoy great stamina. They have soft, radiant skin, big eyes and a strong frame.
Kapha individuals are easy-going, happy-go-lucky and fun to be with. When in balance, they are caring, nurturing, protective and supportive. But when out of balance, they tend to get lazy, lethargic and even depressed. An out-of-balance Kapha could also be obsessive, over-protective and an eternal procrastinator.
We need to understand that each and every person will have all the three principal energies or Doshas, but the body constitution or Prakriti is determined based on the predominant Dosha.
For example: A Vata body type will also have Pitta and Kapha Doshas, but Vata is what governs the personality traits, characteristics, behavior, actions and even diseases for that particular individual since it’s his/her predominant Dosha. Likewise for other Prakritis or body types.
Characteristics or traits of an individual based on the predominant Dosha:
When Kapha is predominant:
Kapha being the combination of Earth and Water, individuals of this body type are very grounded, stable and dependable. Since Kapha is the energy of binding, these people are very closely connected to their family and friends, are very realistic in life and are generally loving and caring. When out of balance, the Kapha body types could get obsessive and overly possessive.