Pitta Dosha in detail:
Pitta is the energy of transformation. It is derived from Fire and controls all transformational processes in the universe and our body. Pitta is chiefly responsible for digestion, energy production and all metabolic processes in the body.
Qualities of Pitta
Given the fact that Pitta is Fire, it is naturally hot, intense, fiery, pungent, penetrating, sharp and acidic. Pitta makes things happen… it transforms and changes. So Pitta individuals are also natural doers and go-getters.

If Pitta is your predominant Dosha, then you will be extremely focused and determined. Pitta individuals have a sharp intellect, can grasp things easily and can also do or get things done easily. These people have excellent digestive fire or Agni and can eat almost anything and everything. When out of balance, they could lose their cool very easily. Pitta individuals are very hot-headed and fiery in nature.

We need to understand that each and every person will have all the three principal energies or Doshas, but the body constitution or Prakriti is determined based on the predominant Dosha.

For example: A Vata body type will also have Pitta and Kapha Doshas, but Vata is what governs the personality traits, characteristics, behavior, actions and even diseases for that particular individual since it’s his/her predominant Dosha. Likewise for other Prakritis or body types.

Characteristics or traits of an individual based on the predominant Dosha:

When Pitta is predominant:

Since Pitta is the energy of transformation or Fire, Pitta body types are dynamic and action-oriented. They believe in getting things done, and are very ambitious, determined and focused. They are usually very intelligent and can grasp things very easily. With an intense Fire element, they are fiery, aggressive and could get pushy at times.

Ayurveda Explains More about the Pitta Body Type!

The Pitta Dosha reflects the characteristics of the Fire Element, and hence Pitta individuals are known for their unique ability to transform in no time. Dynamic in their ways, the Pitta types are known for their go-getter attitude. Pittas are known to be extremely ambitious, focused and determined. They can grasp things easily and are usually pretty good with numbers and logic. But when out of balance, they could get angered and agitated very easily.

Their intimidating personality can often confuse you at first, but beware as they are known to be keen observers and are very sharp and cut-throat with their words.
Physical Characteristics of the Pitta body type:

  • Flawless and radiant, the Pitta types are definitely the attractive lot!
  • When it comes to height and weight, they are considered to be of medium built. But thinning of hair and baldness are some of the problems that most of them tend to face.
  • The Pitta types generally have a warm body temperature and have an excellent digestive system, which often leads to them believing that they could eat anything.
  • Pitta types are sound sleepers and have a strong sex drive.
  • The Pitta types are assertive and self-confident and it shows in their body language.
  • Pittas get very uncomfortable in hot weather and tend to sweat profusely.

Personality traits of the Pitta body type:

  • Pittas are known for their sharp memory and are considered to be extremely intelligent. They have the ability to concentrate and channel their energy towards a particular task; hence sometimes they are known to be perfectionists.
  • Pitta types are blessed with the gift of gab, and can excel in the field of communication and teaching.
  • They are also known to be great decision makers, and are often the ones giving life advices to people.
  • Known for their leadership qualities, Pittas find it very comfortable to lead a team and get the job done.
  • Passionate and romantic, Pittas have a special interest in sex and that shows in both their physical and mental inclination towards it.
  • Normally they are competitive and enjoy challenges, but when out of balance, they tend to get very aggressive, arrogant and pushy – qualities that their peers or subordinates may detest.
  • Under stressful conditions Pittas may become irritated and angry.

Well, now that you know the characteristics of the Pitta body type, you can surely differentiate them from the Vatas. Next up, we will talk about the Kapha body type. Stay tuned.

When the Pitta Body Type is in Balance!

  • Pitta body type, which is known for its transformational qualities, beauty and intelligence when in a state of complete balance.
  • Pitta Dosha controls our energy production, digestion, metabolism and all other activities involving transformation of some sort or the other.
  • Known for their fiery and intimidating nature, the Pitta body types surely know how to make heads turn, with their good looks and their ability to strike a conversation and persuade with finesse.
  • They are blessed with the joy of robust lifestyle and enjoy good sleep and a great sex life.
  • The Pitta types are known for their go-getter attitude and their passion towards work and life, which makes them the ideal leader one can ever have.
  • Their fiery and ambitious nature makes them favor noble professions and a life that is filled with luxury.

Here are some of the qualities of the Pitta body type:

  • Medium body type: They are generally strong and well-built.
  • Sharp: Great thought leaders; they are cut-throat and sharp in their words and behavior.
  • Focused: They know what they want and how to achieve it.
  • Ambitious: For the Pittas, sky is the limit. They strive to reach on top.
  • Passionate: Diehard romantics, smooth talkers and attractive, they enjoy being in love.
  • Healthy: They enjoy a great appetite and are blessed with a good digestive system.
  • Leaders: Their go-getter attitude makes them a great leader.
  • Radiant: Their radiant skin and sparkling eyes make them desirable to others.
  • Oratorical: Great orators, Pittas are smart and witty and they are known for their skills to engage and convince anyone.
  • Confident: They never shy away from challenges and love to shine out and put in their best foot forward.
  • Pitta body types are perfect when in balance, and can be an asset to any organization. Their ability to multi-task also helps them maintain the perfect work-life balance; hence they enjoy a healthy relationship with their family and spouse.

When the Pitta Body Type goes Out of Balance!

  • We already know that Pitta is “Agni” or the Fire Element. Hence, when out of balance, they tend to get dominating, short-tempered and stubborn.
  • Pitta is crucial for the digestive system, as it is the transformational energy that helps process our food into nutrients. But with a Pitta imbalance, liver and gastrointestinal diseases become more common.
  • Stomach ulcers, acidity and jaundice as well as vision impairment, insomnia and boils are some of the diseases that are caused due to a Pitta imbalance.
  • In behavioral terms, the Pittas become rude, overpowering and unfriendly, which can put their personal and professional life in jeopardy.
  • Their ability to comprehend things dips drastically, which can make them irrational and stubborn, leading to poor decisions and mistakes.

Here are some of the major drawbacks of the Pitta body type when out of balance:

  • Alochaka Pitta (Pitta governing the eyes): The eyes get affected, leading to eye infections like conjunctivitis, redness, inflammation and sty.
  • Bhrajaka Pitta (Pitta governing the skin): Usually known for their radiant skin, the Pitta body type can become prone to skin rashes, acne and boils.
  • Sadhaka Pitta (Pitta governing the mind): Unreasonable, demanding, stubborn and workaholic, Pittas go haywire with their life when they go out of balance.
  • Pachaka Pitta (Pitta governing digestion): Digestive tract goes for a toss giving rise to gastrointestinal diseases like gas, acidity and stomach ulcers.
  • Ranjaka Pitta (Pitta governing the blood): Immunity reduces drastically, and also leads to premature aging, anger and toxins in the blood.

Hence these are some of the damages that excessive Pitta can cause to the body and mind.