This is considered to be the rarest of all body types, where the individual will display all the qualities of all the three Doshas in equal amounts. Ayurveda believes that those with a Tridoshic body type have the strongest immunity and have a strong resistance against diseases.Tridosha

Ayurveda Explains More about the Tridoshic Body Type

The last body type or Prakriti – the Vata-Pitta-Kapha constitution or the Tridoshic body type. How is it different from the others?
Well, to begin with, the individuals of this body constitution, which is considered to be the rarest, are blessed with the benefits of all the three Doshas in equal proportions. It means… they possess the perfect balance with all the three energies in equal measure. Having said that, these individuals also need to be extremely careful, as a little disturbance here and there, and the whole balance could be thrown out of the window. While the Tridoshic individuals are blessed with good balance and perfect harmony and health, they are almost equally prone to imbalances or diseases.

Physical Characteristics of the Tridosha body type:

  • Tridoshic individuals are blessed with ideal physique and near-perfect body weight.
  • With all the three Doshas in equal measure, these individuals are considered to be the healthiest of the lot.
  • Having said that, they are also prone to minor ups and downs as it is extremely difficult to maintain the perfect balance at all times.
  • These people generally do not complain of any major health issues.
  • Tridoshic individuals can’t tolerate extreme weather conditions.

Personality traits of the Tridosha body type:

  • With the natural balance of all the Five Elements, i.e. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space, Tridoshic individuals boast of a very balanced mind.
  • They think through things really well before arriving at a decision.
  • These individuals usually display a sound temperament and are lucky to get a sound and refreshing sleep.
  • These individuals are also blessed with a good learning power and strong memory.
  • However, they have a secret fear about unknown things and find it difficult to manage extremely stressful situations.