Vata Dosha in detail:

Vata is the energy of movement, vibrancy and dynamism. As it is derived from Air and Space, Vata is light, extremely mobile and dynamic. Vata Dosha governs all movements in the universe and our body – which is a part of the larger cosmos. It also controls the activities of the nervous system and the process of elimination - which in itself is movement of the waste from inside the body to outside.
Qualities of Vata
Given its intrinsic nature or the fact that it is derived from Air and Space, Vata is dynamic, vibrant and mobile. Vata is cold, dry, light, rough, irregular and changeable.

If Vata is your predominant Dosha, then you will always be on the move. Vata individuals are considered to be very lively, mobile and creative. They got bored of things easily and prefer jumping from one thing to another. When in balance, Vata individuals could be the life of the party. When out of balance, they could get restless, anxious and worrisome.

We need to understand that each and every person will have all the three principal energies or Doshas, but the body constitution or Prakriti is determined based on the predominant Dosha.

For example: A Vata body type will also have Pitta and Kapha Doshas, but Vata is what governs the personality traits, characteristics, behavior, actions and even diseases for that particular individual since it’s his/her predominant Dosha. Likewise for other Prakritis or body types.

Characteristics or traits of an individual based on the predominant Dosha:

When Vata is predominant:
Since Vata is the energy of movement and dynamism, a Vata-predominant individual will be very active, agile and mobile. Vata body types are considered to be quick learners and creative, but could get fickle-minded if their Vata goes out of balance.

Vata body type:
Individuals with a Vata body type reflect the qualities of the Elements Air and Space. Quick and swift, a Vata type is known for the pace with which they think and act.

When in balance, they are fun, lively, excitable and highly creative - they could be the life of the party. But beware, as they are said to be unpredictable and irregular in their ways, often backing out from what they promise.

The Vatas are known for their lean and athletic frame, and are blessed with a high metabolism rate, which is the reason for their agility and enthusiasm. They display high energy, albeit in short bursts. They also have a tendency to overexert and hence can get tired pretty easily. Here are some of the distinct characteristics of the Vata body type:

Physical Characteristics of the Vata body type:

  • As mentioned above, one of the easiest ways to identify a Vata is by looking at their thin and petite frame.
  • The Vata types are often prone to rough and dry skin & hair, and are uncomfortable in cold weather.
  • They also have unusually cold feet and hands due to their cold body temperature.
  • Light sleepers, most of the Vata types tend to suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders, which often leave them cranky and agitated.
  • The Vata types also suffer from a poor digestive system which does not allow them to indulge in food, leading to poor appetite.

Personality traits of the Vata body type:

  • Effervescent and active, the Vata body types are often charged with energy, and are on a constant lookout for activities that are adventurous and edgy.
  • Erratic in nature, they are often considered moody and unpredictable. At the same time they are also known to be “people’s person”, as they are extremely flexible and easy to work with.
  • The Vata types are said to be the “right brain thinkers” as they are known for their imagination and creativity, making them ideal for jobs which don’t require logical reasoning and numbers.
  • The Vata body types have a tendency to act on impulse and may respond with fear, anxiety and restlessness in testing situations.
  • This was a gist about the Vata body type. Keep following us for insights on the other body types – Pitta and Kapha.

When the Vata Body Type is in Balance!

The Vata types, as mentioned in previous posts, are known for their energy and creativity.

  • When in balance, they are in complete synchronization with their surroundings and deliver their work faster than anybody else.
  • Fun and adventurous, the Vata type can be your perfect holiday partner as they are open to newness and excitement and never shy away from challenges.
  • Born adventurous, they are at their creative best when they are in balance, and have the ability to turn any boring event into a fun party.
  • Even physically, when in balance, the Vata types experience excellent health, stability, and appetite resulting in happiness, agility, love and sensuality.
  • Ideal for jobs that require travelling and movement, the Vatas are brilliant performers when in balance and can be an asset to companies that thrive on ideas and creativity.

So here are some qualities of the Vata body type when in balance:

  • Creativity: Their extreme imagination helps them generate some whacky, out-of-the-box ideas, which makes them ideal for jobs like advertising, movie making and writing.
  • Enthusiasm: Always bubbling with energy, the Vata types form the life of any social gatherings.
  • Quick learners: As we have already understood that they reflect the qualities of Air and Space, their incredible pace helps them understand things and deliver their best in no time.
  • Healthy: When in balance, they have a good appetite that keeps them in great shape.
  • Great lovers: Sensual and romantic, the Vatas can be diehard romantics if they want to.
  • Adventurous and fun: If you are looking for an adventurous and exhilarating holiday, then you have got the perfect partner in them.
  • Clarity of thoughts: When in balance, they are clear with their thoughts, which help them take decisions without any confusion.
  • Flexible: They can adapt to any surrounding in no time, which makes it easy for anyone to work or stay with them.
    So these are the qualities that the Vata body types exhibit when in a state of balance. But what happens when they go out of balance? Stay with us to know more about it.

Vata Body Type - Out Of Balance!

Vatas can be really difficult when they go out of balance. Generally, when the Vata in the body aggravates, that is when there is an imbalance.

  • Vata, as a force, is made up of two Elements – Air and Space, and hence when the Vata body type goes out of balance, their mood and health changes in no time. They become unstable, anxious, lethargic and weak.
  • Vata affects the areas of body like the colon, brain, ears, bones, joints and skin. Hence, the Vatas become highly susceptible to diseases such as cold or aching joints, dry skin and hair, constipation, indigestion, twitches and in extreme cases, nerve disorders and mental confusion.
  • It is very difficult for the Vata body type to maintain healthy eating and sleeping habits. In the state of imbalance, they feel it is almost impossible to get back to normalcy and they deteriorate mentally and physically as they become self-defeating and negative.

Here are some of the major drawbacks that a Vata body type tends to face when experiencing imbalance:

  • Prana Vata (Force that governs the mind and thoughts): Instability, anxiety, nervousness, fear, sleep disorders, asthma.
  • Udana Vata (Force that governs the physical strength): Fever, cough and cold, body pain, fatigue.
  • Samana Vata (Digestion and eating habits): Indigestion, gas, cramps, eating disorders.
  • Apana Vata (Elimination of toxins and wastes): Menstrual problems and cramps, lower back pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation.
  • Vyana Vata (Force that governs the nervous system): Dryness of skin, hair fall, nervousness, stress-related problems.

These are some of the drastic changes the Vata body type faces when out of balance.