These body types will display the qualities of both Vata and Kapha, i.e. Air & Space and Earth & Water.

Vata–Kapha Type
The Vata–Kapha type combines the qualities of both Vata and Kapha doshas. Vata dosha is made up of the air + ether elements, and the attributes of Vata are light, cool, dry, and mobile. Kapha dosha is comprised of the water + earth elements; its qualities are cool, moist, stable, and heavy.

Vata–Kapha people tend to have predominately Kapha physical bodies with Vata mental attributes. Vata–Kaphas have high levels of enthusiasm, creativity, and sensitivity combined with physical and emotional stability. They are usually sympathetic, compassionate, peaceful, calm, and creative.

Warmth is lacking in the Vata–Kapha individual. Because of this lack of innate warmth, Vata–Kaphas are imbalanced by eating cold food and drink, fasting, under- and overeating, and exposure to cold wet windy weather.

Other challenges include digestive problems, most notably constipation, respiratory ailments, generally low immunity, over sensitivity, and restless sleep.

Vata–Kapha types can also tend towards being excessively deficient, particularly nutritionally. This is a seeming paradox. However, Vatas tend to eat quick, ready foods that are made up of so-called empty calories; Kapha dosha builds up bodily tissues to create stability and structure. As a result of a over-reliance on eating “convenience foods,” Vata–Kaphas are constantly hungry and continue to (over)eat to fill the void. They can gain weight at the expense of taking in actual nutrition. We currently see this classic form of obesity in our culture where junk foods and fast foods have become standard fare. These foods are calorie-rich but nutrient-deprived. In response, the body is continually hungry because it has not received the raw nutrient materials that it needs to build and maintain bodily tissues. It did, however, receive a lot of calories that it stored as adipose tissue, not knowing what else to do with it.

Vata–Kaphas can keep themselves warm to balance out the Pitta dosha and its attendant fire element that is lacking in them. This can be understood as warmth from heat sources (ie: fire, radiator, layers of clothes) as well as focusing on cultivating emotional warmth within themselves. Vata–Kapha types can find it difficult to easily socialize and develop empathy.

Gentle exercise is wonderful for Vata–Kaphas as are steam baths and receiving regular massage and bodywork. These are warming and deeply nourishing activities.
Fresh foods are ideal for Vata–Kaphas and should be well-cooked and easy to digest. Warming and even heating foods and digestive herbs and spices are particularly helpful for Vata–Kaphas.